Join the Silver Ropes Volunteers and Help Serve Those in Need

March 3, 2024 The Silver Ropes Volunteers have one more Food Bank volunteer session before taking off the summer. Please sign up work with your neighbors to help serve those in need. Date …...

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What’s Been Happening at George Washington High School …

February 1, 2024 George Washington High School – affectionately known as GW – is the neighborhood high school for all of Lowry. As part of this community, we want to keep you updated …...

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A Whole Lot of Volunteering and Giving

December 3, 2023 On Thursday, February 22, the Lowry Foundation had a special recognition event to thank its donors and volunteers. Some of the most dedicated Silver Rope Volunteers made significant...

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February’s Silver Ropes Volunteers at the Food Bank of the Rockies

February 6, 2023 Article by Denny Head February’s Silver Ropes project at the Food Bank of the Rockies was a full complement of 13 volunteers working on sorting food, snacks, and personal care...

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Laura Dailey and Lynn Schaffer’s Toys for Refugees

December 8, 2022   Laura Dailey and Lynn Schaffer have been busy gathering and organizing holiday toys and gifts for residents and families at Mercy Housing. The gifts will be distributed to all...

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The Small, But Mighty, Silver Ropes Army Delivered in September

September 7, 2022 A smaller Silver Ropes Volunteer group worked at the Foodbank of the Rockies on Sept. 7, but were supplemented by nine Denver Broncos who also worked to sort and pack …...

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Volunteers Get Down and Dirty

April 11, 2022 A total of 43 volunteers gave their time for Work Day at Lowry Elementary on Saturday, April 9, 2022. Thanks to all! Volunteers included kids, 13 Lowry Foundation Silver Ropes …...

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Spring Gardening with Lowry Elementary Students

March 6, 2022 Lowry Elementary Gardening Program provides every single student an opportunity to work in the garden at multiple times during the year. Students are involved in every part of the...

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Lowry Elementary Community Garden Workday Sat April 9

March 6, 2022 Lowry Elementary is a focal point of the neighborhood. Residents walk their dogs around the perimeter, students attend school and children play on the playground.  Limited funding...

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Lowry Volunteers Help the Salvation Army Get Ready for the Holiday Season

December 13, 2021 We thank our neighbors who pitched in to work on Lowry’s first Salvation Army Holiday Toy Project. Special thanks goes to the Lowry Foundation Silver  Ropes Volunteers, LUN Board...

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