Native Grasses and Wild Areas in Lowry

We are all used to a certain type of landscaping; most of us were brought up to think that grass should be mowed and edged properly and weeds should be pulled or eradicated.  As well, we believed that all insects were a nuisance and should be exterminated allowing for a pristine look to our lawns and gardens. 

These conditions do not allow for some of our beneficial insect friends, like lady bugs and lace wings, as well as butterflies, bees and birds that need good habitat in order to survive. In the Boulevard One part of Lowry, the the landscape architects made a good decision to take our insect friends, butterflies and birds into consideration when planning the landscaping.  These areas help to provide food and shelter for numerous beneficial insect friends which can help to keep nefarious insects at bay (excluding our most hated insect, the Japanese Beetle which unfortunately has no local predators).

The native grasses and wild areas are maintained by Boulevard One’s landscaping company, are watered only occasionally, have their the edges mowed to keep seeds from traveling with our doggie friends, and have less herbicide applications. In fact, herbicide is applied only to weeds that are noxious and impossible to control otherwise. The landscape companies in all of Lowry do their best to maintain these areas so that we can enjoy the benefits of the natural areas and add to the overall health and welfare of our landscaping.

This article was written by Judy Hendricks, Chair of the Boulevard One Landscaping Committee.