Lowry United Neighborhoods (LUN) is officially recognized by the City and County of Denver as the Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) for all of Lowry including Boulevard One.

LUN Mission Statement:

Lowry United Neighborhoods (LUN) is officially recognized by the City of Denver as a Registered Neighborhood Organization for all of Lowry, including Boulevard One. Our mission is to represent the interests of all residents, homeowners and renters, in any aspect of the City of Denver’s Government. Through our mission, LUN builds a sense of community in our award-winning neighborhood.

The primary purposes of this organization shall be:
● Collectively addressing issues and interests common to and widely perceived to be of concern within the area formerly known as Lowry Field and currently known as Lowry and Boulevard One
● To increase communication among neighbors;
● To gather information about matters that concern LUN residents;
● To advocate on behalf of all neighborhood and community interests;
● To preserve and enhance the livability of the neighborhoods;
● To provide representation as an RNO with Inter-neighborhood Cooperation (INC), the city of Denver (including city council, the mayor’s office, and all departments of Denver City Government).

Find our LUN By Laws here.

LUN Is a 501-c3, non-profit:

Lowry United Neighborhoods (LUN), is a 501-c3 non-profit and  works hard  to provide value to our residents in helping to build a stronger more inclusive sense of community.  We:

  • – Maintain the LUN website, send out monthly email newsletters and maintain the Lowry community calendar on our website.
  • – Provide support and outreach to Lowry low-income communities (including maintaining an emergency help fund).
  • – Host quarterly community meetings covering key issues like sustainability, homelessness and housing, candidate forums, city ballot issues and traffic safety.
  • – Promote sustainability in Lowry through community education on ways to increase composting, recycling and re-use; and advocating for the approved solar carports near the tennis courts. 
  • – Work on Denver zoning issues in Lowry.
  • – Work actively with the City of Denver with the guidance and support of Council Woman Amanda Sawyer, Denver Police and Department of Transportation and Infrastructure to make Lowry a safer neighborhood in which to live, walk, bike and drive.
  • – Support our local Firehouse Theater with “LUN at the Theater” nights.

We reach out to LUN members to help support and continue our efforts to build a stronger Lowry community. Please consider making a tax-exempt donation to LUN. To do so make your donation check to LUN and mail it to: LUN, 510 Syracuse St. 80230.  We will provide you with a tax receipt.

LUN is a completely volunteer organization with dedicated board members who donate their time in service of our community.

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