Katherine Head

Kathy Head has lived in Denver since 1975. She and her husband, Denny raised their three children in Park Hill, where they attended Denver Public Schools. When they became empty nesters, they moved to Cherry Creek North, where Kathy helped form Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association. She served as president for three years and remained on the board until moving to Lowry in 2018. Kathy earned her MSW from University of Denver and worked for most of her career as a mediator, both in the private and public sector. Kathy is currently Chair of LUN.

Carla McConnell

Carla McConnell came to Denver in 1981 after graduate school in New Mexico. She and husband, Jim Perlberg, bought a Lowry home in 2004. Her educational and professional background is in Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Planning. Carla served five years as an Urban Design Architect in the Denver Planning Office after retiring from the National Park Service as a planner. She is on the LCMA Board, the Lowry and Boulevard One Design Review Committees and the Paddington Station Board. Her previous volunteer service includes the Historic Denver Board and the Denver Landmarks Commission.

Barb DeSarro

Barb DeSarro moved to Southeast Denver with her family in 1970. She attended DPS and graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Environmental Conservation. She worked for the Colorado Department of Transportation in roadway design and project management for 27 years. Barb, her husband and two kids moved from Congress Park to Lowry in 2006. She now volunteers with GW High School Grounds Committee, GW School and Community Garden, Bluff Lake Nature Center and is on the LUN Board. Barb serves on the LUN Traffic and Safety Committee.

Denny Head

Denny Head is a retired sales and marketing executive in the high tech industry. He received a BA and MBA in Marketing. Denny has been actively involved in community service with nine years on Bonfils Blood Center Operating Board of Directors, three years on Salvation Army Operating Board of Directors, over 20 years leadership with Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association and15 months on the Lowry Foundation Advisory Board. Denny leads the Lowry Foundation Silver Ropes Volunteer Corps providing volunteers to help serve Lowry and adjoining communities.

Renee Arrington

Renee moved to Denver in 1980 and has lived in Lowry since 2020. After a career in film production, marketing and advertising, Renee became interested in trash and zero waste; for her, it was the way she could help the planet. She is a member of Denver Eco-Cycle, Board President of the Met North in Boulevard One, volunteer at the Denver Botanic Gardens and heads up the LUN Sustainability Committee. Renee also maintains the LUN website and publishes the monthly LUN email newsletter.

Sally Kurtzman

Sally Kurtzman, a Lowry resident since 1999, has worked within Lowry with the Lowry Foundation, Lowry Neighbors, and now LUN. A former college English instructor for 35 years, she's a member of the Denver Woman's Press Club after publishing articles with a variety of publications. With an early interest in recycling, she formed the Capitol Hill Recycling Network and for 20 years collected aluminum, plastic, newsprint, glass, and cardboard. Since moving to Lowry, she focuses on collecting various items for shelters (toiletries, backpacks, glasses, towels, blankets, etc) at the Montclair Rec Center. Sally represents LUN with INC (Inter Neighborhood Cooperation).

Merlin Holmes

Merlin Holmes has lived in Colorado since 1990, from the plains east of Colorado Springs to Denver, to the mountains of Estes Park and back to Denver in 2012 and finally settling in East Lowry in 2014 with his wife and 3 daughters. Merlin has been an Internet entrepreneur and consultant for over 17 years and is an active member of the local public school community where his daughters attend.

Carol Dietz

Carol Dietz was born and raised in NYC, moved eight times to four different states, and then chose Lowry as her forever home. After a 23-year career in the auto insurance industry, Carol turned her attention to spending time with grandkids, volunteering with the Lowry Foundation’s Silver Ropes and rescuing Dachshunds. Carol started the Mile High Dachshunds Rescue in 2015 with two friends and so far, they have saved over 300 dogs. Carol is one of our “Lowry ambassadors”; she has a fondness for our community, the people, the history and making new residents feel at home in our neighborhood.

Daniel Gardenswartz

.With 25 years of experience in private equity and investment banking for a variety of industries, Mr. Gardenswartz has been involved in the execution of corporate finance transactions with an aggregate value of over $8 billion. He is a seasoned expert in helping companies successfully navigate phases of hyper-growth, and advises clients on mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, capital raising and private equity, among other concerns. As a recognized thought leader in the finance industry, Mr. Gardenswartz is often tapped by media outlets for expert insight and analysis. He additionally serves as a longtime guest lecturer on venture finance at Pepperdine University, and frequently gives speeches at industry conferences and private events. He holds Series 7 and Series 63 licenses, and received his bachelor’s degree in Finance & Multinational Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

David Allen

Following retirement, David and wife Vicki relocated from West Virginia to Luce of Lowry Condominiums in 2011. David earned undergraduate and Master’s degrees from Marshall University and completed 36 years of Federal service, including the US Navy and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He has been heavily involved with the Luce HOA for several years and enjoys family time, travel, hiking, biking and golf. He’s affiliated with the DPD Neighborhood Watch Program and serves on the LUN Traffic and Safety Committee.

Cat Holmes

Cat Holmes relocated from Georgia to Denver in 2006 then to the mountains of Estes Park and back to Denver in 2012 and finally settling in East Lowry in 2014 where she is a stay at home mother of 3 daughters. Cat is active as a volunteer in the local public school community where her daughters attend as well as a writer for the Lowry Aviator, head of the Lowry East Park Neighborhood Watch and avid yoga practitioner.

Jessie Dorris - Special Advisor to the LUN Board

In 2016, Jessie moved to Capitol Hill and had her son Anthony. She moved into the Warren Village Housing Program and it was here that Jessie and Anthony truly began to thrive and find their place in Denver. She attended Metropolitan State University where her goals were to help others in need. Because of the adversity Jessie has faced in the past, including addiction, trauma, homelessness, and domestic violence, her area of study in school is Human Services with a concentration in addiction studies, trauma-informed care, as well as a minor in nutrition. Jessie moved to Lowry in 2019, and quickly fell in love with the community. Volunteering is a significant part of Jessie’s life. She manages the Boulevard One Residences community garden and donates all the food she grows to anyone who is experiencing food insecurity. She is active at Warren Village and is a Peer Resource Navigator available to help anyone who needs help. Jessie is also on the Denver Metro Salvation Army Advisory Board and Program Committee and is in the Colorado Master Gardener Program studying to become a Master Gardener.

Karen Hagans

Karen Hagans is a Denver native that grew up within a couple miles of Lowry - attending George Washington High School and Hill Junior High.  Although she has lived in different parts of the country, she has always come back to Denver and moved to Lowry in 2004. She has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and has capitalized on her analytical skills by working in technology in both Silicon Valley and the metro Denver area. Karen is currently consulting and providing data analysis to a Denver based Forensic accounting firm.  She has mentored and tutored young people and volunteers for First Inspires, a program that introduces students to engineering and coding. Karen and her husband Dave Muessel enjoy all that Colorado and Lowry have to offer.