June 29 – LUN hosts the Second Annual Lowry Independence Parade and Celebration

May 6, 2024 Saturday, June 29, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This year to celebrate July 4th, LUN is taking the reins and hosting the Second Annual Lowry Independence Parade and Celebration at …...

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Lowry Lowdown: Clark’s Market

May 2, 2024 I love Lowry, the people, the community, shopping, dining, annual events, the parks, the beauty, and much more! There is a recent addition to our special neighborhood, and I wanted …...

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Create a Buzz: Nine Plants That Invite Bees to Your Garden

May 1, 2024 Having bees in your garden is a natural way to enhance pollination, leading to better quality crops and a more abundant harvest. While some might mistakenly consider them pests, their...

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Update from George Washington High School

April 29, 2024 The 2023-2024 school year is about to wrap up at George Washington High School, and we have so much to celebrate. Here are just some of the highlights from around …...

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Taking the A Train Saves $100 when Going to DIA

March 3, 2024 Save MoneyThe DIA “A” train is only $2.75 per adult ticket. Seniors are $1.35, and kids under19 ride free (3 hours including DIA).Depending on the day/time, Uber or Lift trips...

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Accolades for our Lowry resident Kate Williams

January 18, 2024 On Tuesday, Jan. 16, Denver City Council passed Proclamation 24-0040 in a well-deserved tribute to Lowry’s very own Kate Williams for a life of service to others. Councilperson Chris...

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LUN Townhall Meeting: What You Need to Know About Crime & Safety in Lowry

January 7, 2024 On Tuesday, January 23, Approximately 190 people attended this LUN Town Hall Meeting to hear DPD Chief Ron Thomas; District 3 Commander, Joel Bell; Denver District Attorney, Beth McCann;...

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The Hanger Club Is Now Open

December 3, 2023 The Lowry Foundation has just announced that one of their corporate sponsors, Hangar Club, is open in the newly remodeled hangar on 1st Place between Rampart and Spruce Ways (just …...

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Two Heroes, One House: Bonnie Liu and Ron Levis        

October 3, 2023 The Lowry home of Bonnie Liu and Ron Levis shows souvenirs from around the world, a room-sized map of places visited on the dining room wall and a playful red …...

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Get a Head Start On the Holidays

October 2, 2023 Sale of an exclusive collection of Christmas collectibles DATE:         ​    November 18 TIME: ...

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