Taking the A Train Saves $100 when Going to DIA

Save Money
The DIA “A” train is only $2.75 per adult ticket. Seniors are $1.35, and kids under
19 ride free (3 hours including DIA).
Depending on the day/time, Uber or Lift trips can be $30 to $50 or more.
Save on Parking
RTD Central Park Station Denver Residents get the first 24 hours free and then
pay only $2.00 per day, compared to $18 to $50 per day at DIA parking. Even
remote private lots with shuttles cost $8 to $17 daily.
Save the Planet
The A train is a critical element of sustainability. It helps reduce
unnecessary traffic, pollution, and congestion going to the Airport.

Taking the RTD A Line train to Denver Airport is a great way to save money and be more sustainable. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:
– Cost-effective: A single ride on the A Line is under $3, significantly cheaper than parking fees at the Airport, which can easily exceed $300 per trip.
– Eco-friendly: Trains produce fewer emissions than cars, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.
– Fast and reliable: The A Line offers a direct connection to the Airport, often with trains running every 15 minutes.
Here are some resources to help you plan your trip:
RTD A Line Schedule: You can check the latest schedule and plan your trip on the RTD website: https://app.rtd-denver.com/route/A/schedule.
– Buy your RTD tickets online with the RTD My Ride app. The app lets you scan and ride using your My Ride mobile barcode. Scan your barcode at validators on buses and rail platforms, and your fare is automatically deducted from your account balance.
– Denver Airport Train Information: Learn more about using the A Line to get to the Airport on the Denver Airport website [Denver Airport train ON flydenver.com]
– Buy your RTD parking online using the Park Mobile application on your phone. You can buy /extend parking using this app.

Taking the A Line is a smart and convenient way to get to Denver Airport!