Lowry Lowdown: Clark’s Market

May 2, 2024 / Comments Off on Lowry Lowdown: Clark’s Market

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I love Lowry, the people, the community, shopping, dining, annual events, the parks, the beauty, and much more!

There is a recent addition to our special neighborhood, and I wanted to spread the word.

Clark’s Market in Boulevard One. I am personally thrilled that a family-owned company has chosen Lowry for its home. I was present at the market opening and thrilled with the plentiful parking, atmosphere of the store, cleanliness, the delicious food samples, selection, and warmth of the Clark’s team.

Full disclosure: I am a shopper of primarily organic and non-toxic foods since I had cancer 20 years ago.  Whole Foods has been my primary grocery store for years.

Since Clark’s arrived, I was so happy I had a market in the neighborhood, but at first, I felt the prices were high and the produce seemed mostly conventional and not enough organic. To qualify, prices are higher for items using best-in-class ingredients.

Several weeks ago, I was in Clark’s in the fresh produce section, and I met Rick Kramer, Store Director. I spoke to Rick about my opinion that a store like Clark’s needed more organic produce. Rick proceeded to show me the extensive selection of organic produce they carried. My problem was that I could not see the very small font that said “ORGANIC” on the identifying tags. A little over a week later, I returned to find green tags the said “ORGANIC” with a leaf and a beautiful, easy to see font!

Thank you, Rick, not only for listening but for such a quick response to benefit patrons. Do you think a huge chain store would listen, pass it up the corporate chain, and then execute change within a couple of weeks? I know they would not since I have tried in many different states where I have lived.

I have spoken to several of Clark’s staff, and I can’t say enough about their customer service. The man at the butcher counter was helping me with cuts of meat and how to cook them, a man in produce explained about a giant papaya and he was right. It was delicious. I was studying the bone broth section, and a man noticed me and asked if he could help. He went out of his way to get me what I needed which was also from a Denver company. I like buying local.

I hate to mention this publicly, but their pizza is delicious. On Fridays, which is pizza night in my family, we have ordered two to three large pizzas for pick-up. We love the mushroom & onion, sausage, pepperoni, and cheese. It is ready in about 20-minutes, but once people catch on the wait could get longer, I spoke to Jim, and he said they will try to figure out how to get another pizza oven! That would be amazing! They will need a pizza hotline number.

Clark’s is doing a great job at sourcing the healthiest options to offer their patrons. They were carrying the high-end deli offerings from Boar’s Head, but changed to Dietz & Watson which has more healthy options with no nitrates, no nitrites, and no antibiotics. I highly recommend the Italian Roast Beef.

Many beverages are in the refrigerated cases, but I love the Olipop plant-based soda which is a prebiotic. I have stayed away from soda for so long that once I tasted Olipop, I felt like I was a kid having a special treat. I like the ginger ale and root beer the best. When Clark’s opened, the price was $3.15 per can and now it is $2.45 per can which is the same price as Target and Whole Foods.

Jim told me that the staples most of us have in our refrigerators and pantries, like milk, bread, and eggs, are price matched to Safeway. Also, they offer weekly sales on many items which are labeled clearly with the word “AD”. You can get good prices on many items, but remember what I said about best-in-class ingredients? You get what you pay for.

If you are thinking of buying a product you have never tasted before, Clark’s will let you have a sample at no charge. By-the-way, I tried the gelato, and it was creamy and delicious. I am sure you figured me out, that I love good food. Take some time to browse the isles at Clark’s, learn about new brands and healthy choices, try their grab and go options, engage the staff, and check the weekly ad for deals.


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Lowry Lowdown is a monthly article written by Lowry resident Judy Rough who brings us good information about places and goings-on in our community. You can reach her at connect@lowryunitedneighborhoods.org.