Expanded Solid Waste Program Updates & Rebate Application

September 8, 2022 In 2023, City and County Denver trash collection customers will begin receiving weekly recycling and compost collection services to reduce the amount of trash the city sends to the landfill...

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City Council Passes Expanded Waste Collection Services Ordinance

July 7, 2022 Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) and Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency (CASR) received City Council approval to expand residential...

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Expanding Housing Affordability

May 30, 2022 Denver needs more affordable housing across the income spectrum. In addition to existing affordable housing programs, the City and County of Denver is developing a policy to ensure that as...

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Proposal to Expand Residential Waste Services to Provide Weekly Recycling and Composting

May 7, 2022 The City and County of Denver is exploring an expansion to residential waste services that would provide weekly recycling and composting for all customers. To cover the costs...

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Map D Wins … Lowry Still in District 5

April 9, 2022 After months of deliberations, Denver City Council adopted map D to redraw city council district boundaries for the next 10 years based on population shifts reflected in the 2020 census...

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April 12 – East Park Meeting with Councilwoman Sawyer

March 9, 2022 Zoom meeting: April 12, 4 p.m. Register: bit.ly/EastParkApril2022 Agenda Six month check-in on issues in East Lowry ContactCouncilwoman Amanda Sawyer, Amanda.Sawyer@denvergov.org...

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Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer sponsors Gun Buyback Program

February 12, 2022 The following are dates and locations where Denver residents can participate in the gun buy-back program, which is being sponsored by Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer in partnership with Aurora...

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February DMV Closures

February 12, 2022 All Motor Vehicle Title & Registration branch offices will be closed on Feb. 11, 18, 21, 25, and March 4, 2022 to address backlogs causing traffic and wait times in …...

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Watch the LUN January Townhall Meeting on Crime

January 27, 2022 If you missed Tuesday night’s virtual townhall discussion – Exploring Public Safety & Crime Prevention in Lowry – you can watch it here thanks to Councilwoman Sawyer...

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LUN TOWN HALL MEETING – Exploring Public Safety and Crime Prevention in Lowry – 1.25.22

January 8, 2022 Join Lowry neighbors for a discussion:  Exploring Public Safety & Crime Prevention in Lowry led by the Denver District Attorney’s Office.   Joining the LUN Town Hall will be:...

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