Expanded Solid Waste Program Updates & Rebate Application

In 2023, City and County Denver trash collection customers will begin receiving weekly recycling and compost collection services to reduce the amount of trash the city sends to the landfill and the production of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 

What you need to know: 

  • Weekly recycling collection service will start in January 2023. 
  • To pay for the expanded services, customers will be charged a fee based on their trash cart size, ranging from $9 to $21 per month (the smaller the trash cart, the lower the fee). Weekly recycling and composting collection services will be included at no extra charge.
  • Billing will start the first quarter of 2023; current compost customers will transition from a compost bill to a trash bill. 
  • Weekly compost collection service will roll out citywide over the course of 2023. 
  • Customers will pay a reduced billing rate until their compost service starts and will have an opportunity to downsize their trash cart after their composting service starts. 
  • DOTI will provide customers information about compost service start dates and how to recycle and compost.

Rebate Application: 

Rebate applications are now live for eligible Denver residents. The rebates will help offset the cost to pay for trash collection services. Denver is one of only a few cities in the United States to provide financial assistance on trash services for low-income households. 

Residents who meet the criteria below are eligible to apply: 

  • You live in the City and County of Denver 
  • You receive trash and recycling collection services from Denver’s Solid Waste Management division (at a single-family home, duplex or apartment in a complex with seven or fewer units) 
  • You have an annual household income within these limits: 
  • 1 person: up to $44,016 
  • 2 people: up to $50,034 
  • 3 people: up to $56,592 
  • 4 people: up to $62,880 
  • 5 people: up to $67,910 
  • 6 people: up to $72,941 
  • 7 people: up to $77,971 
  • 8 people: up to $83,001 

Residents can apply as well as get more information about the program here. To request a hard copy application or to receive help completing the application, call (720) 944-3350 or email trashrebate@denvergov.org.