Uinta Way Traffic Calming Study Recommendations

July 31, 2023 MemorandumDate: June 9, 2023To: Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer and StaffPerry Edman and DOTI StaffFrom: Sydney Provan and Charlie AlexanderSubject: Uinta Way Traffic Calming Study...

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ADU’s in Denver

February 7, 2023 We know many residents have questions about the status of ADUs in Denver. ADU’s are accessory dwelling units. Today, about 25% of Denver is zoned for ADUs. While most of …...

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Denver Issues Draft 2023 Action Plan to Address Housing and Homelessness

October 5, 2022 Public input sought on yearly action plan that supports Department of Housing Stability’s Five-Year Strategic Plan DENVER – Monday, Sept. 26, 2022 – Denver’s Department of...

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Expanding Housing Affordability

May 30, 2022 Denver needs more affordable housing across the income spectrum. In addition to existing affordable housing programs, the City and County of Denver is developing a policy to ensure that as...

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Council Hearing Held for Rezoning of 8890 E. Lowry Blvd. Property

January 5, 2022 The City Council hearing for the rezoning of the property at the southwest corner of Lowry Blvd. and Yosemite Way was held on January 10, 2022. Machebeuf High School wants to …...

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Update on the Machebeuf Ball Field Redevelopment

January 1, 2022 United Properties is proposing a senior housing project on the Machebeuf Ball Field at 8890 East Lowry Blvd. There have been several meetings regarding the rezoning. Here is a link …...

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Public Hearing for Rezoning of Machebeuf Baseball Field Scheduled for Nov. 3

October 25, 2021 United Developers is proposing a zoning change to the Machebouf Baseball field at 8890 E. Lowry Blvd. (corner of E Lowry and Yosemite). The current zoning only allows a church, …...

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