LUN Celebrates Earth Day

On Sunday, April 21, from 1 – 3 p.m., the LUN (Lowry United Neighborhoods) Sustainability Committee is participating in Earth Day with an Earth Day Lowry Community Service Project. We will be collecting items that are non-recyclable by the City and County of Denver from Lowry neighbors and distributing them to appropriate facilities for recycling (where possible) and safe disposal.  

You can find us at  510 Syracuse Street on Sunday, April 21, from 1 – 3 p.m. Look for the LUN sign and table; just pull up on the east side of Syracuse and drop off your items.

We will be collecting a variety of materials including:

  • Plastic film
    (grocery bags, bread bags, newspaper sleeves, plastic shipping envelopes, bubble wrap, air pillows, etc.)
  • Batteries
  • Styrofoam
  • Toxic items
    (such as fertilizers, drain openers, glue adhesives, varnishes and waxes, weed killers etc.; items that should never be placed in the trash or poured down the drain.)
    * Please feel free to drop off six of these kinds of items until our bags fill up*. Batteries in a bag will count as one item.
    We are offering this collection for Lowry residents who live in condos or apartments and for those who just have a few items they would like to dispose of safely. If you have a large quantity of this kind of material, you can arrange for a pick-up by the City and County of Denver. To schedule a collection appointment, call 1-800-HHW-PKUP (1-800-449-7587). Please note that there is a $15 co-payment to make an appointment. Learn more here.
  • Towels of all kinds, for Sally and Melly’s monthly reuse efforts

In addition to dropping off the above materials, stop by and ask us about any of your recycling and trash questions you might have. We have good information on all things zero waste.

And if you want to make a full day of it, join Councilwoman’ Sawyer’s Spring Park Cleanup that morning from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. Sign up here.

The official theme for 2024 is “Planet vs. Plastics.” Earth Day 2024 focuses on eliminating plastic usage “for the sake of human and planetary health.” Please join LUN this year by taking action. Simply increasing your awareness about plastics supports our planet. Refuse, reduce and recycle plastic. To support the elimination of plastic waste, LUN will be collecting plastic film, which is not recyclable by the City and County of Denver. Plastic film can be sent to companies like Trex that make outdoor decking material. Learn here what materials Trex accepts.

This is a great opportunity for our Lowry neighbors to come out and learn more about reducing waste and get rid of some items that may be cluttering up their garages and basements.