New Composting Guidelines for Denver Residential Green Bins

Starting April 1, new changes to compost collection guidelines are being implemented to help clean up the compost stream.

Composting guidelines are now simplified to two categories: 

Food Scraps – produce, bread, bones, meat cheese, eggshells, coffee grounds etc. (organic materials) REMOVE ALL produce decals, rubber bands, twist ties, string and anything that is NOT food. 

Yard and Plant Trimmings – leaves, twigs, small branches, flowers, grass and yard trimmings, etc.

Place all items LOOSE in your compost cart, unbagged. (You can still use the 3-gallon countertop, green bags that are labeled CMA approved certified compostable bags.) That’s it!


  • Paper products (e.g., paper towels, napkins, shredded paper, greasy pizza boxes, coffee filters, etc.)
  • Products labeled as “compostable”  (including certified compostable utensils, straws, tableware, bags, etc.)
  • NO BAGS will be accepted, including “compostable” bags. The only exceptions will be 3-gallon countertop CMA approved certified compostable bags and brown kraft yard bags accepted for specifically announced spring and fall collection events ONLY. We recommend you save money by avoiding all bags altogether!