Take the Survey – Help Create City’s First Urban Forest Strategic Plan

Denver Parks and Recreation and the Office of the City Forester need your help to create the city’s first Urban Forest Strategic Plan. Trees improve air quality, reduce urban heat island effect, increase property values, help with stormwater management, improve mental and physical health for residents and so much more. 

Whether it’s a tree in front of your home, along your neighborhood street or at your local park, every tree in Denver is part of our urban forest. 

By providing your feedback in this short survey, you’ll be playing a vital role in shaping the future of the urban canopy in Denver. The purpose of the Urban Forest Strategic Plan is to refine existing tree canopy goals, identify new goals and provide an equitable vision for the future of the urban forest in Denver.  

Don’t miss your chance to help shape the future by contributing your thoughts today. All survey submissions will have the option to enter to win a FREE tree from the city to be planted in a public location of your choice.  

Let’s help Denver PLAN(t) for the future! 

Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DPRForestry