Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Safe

There have been a couple of incidents of reported random gun shots in Lowry East Park neighborhood in November. On November 22, a car stopped on Alton Way and the driver shot five bullets into Tailwind Park. This occurred at approximately 8 p.m., at a time when families are still outside walking their dogs and kids. There is an open police case on this (case number 22-000717) and if you have any information regarding this incident, contact Officer K. Albert (720) 538-6275. In addition, East Park neighbors have reported, at least five houses around Tailwind Park have been hit by bullets recently as well as other gun activity in the area. On November 31, there was another report of 31 gunshots fired in the general vicinity of Lowry East Park. 

On November 30, new Denver Police, Chief Ron Thomas, and District 3 Commander, Carlos Aragon, hosted a community crime prevention meeting at Wings Over the Rockies Museum. East Park as well as other police District 3 residents had the opportunity to discuss their concerns. Since that meeting, a couple actions have been taken – Halo cameras have been installed in Tailwind Park, and the entrance to Machebeuf ballfield parking lot has been blocked off. Police are responding to calls more quickly and Commander Aragon has committed to holding a meeting with East Park residents in January for the purpose of more fully understanding the specific concerns of the area.

This is what you need to know when you hear gunshots. Immediately call 911 and tell the operator you want to be contacted by police. This way, calls are getting tracked and recorded properly and the data needed for more police support in the area is gathered. The number of calls is important.  Finally, never pick up bullet casings. If you find them, notify District 3 and leave them for the police to document and enter into evidence.