Top Tips for Avoiding Food Waste

One of the easiest ways you can help make a difference for the planet is by reducing the food waste you create. Though it may sound daunting, there are plenty of easy ways you can start being more sustainable in the kitchen.

  • Meal Plan – Before heading to the store, plan out your weekly meals and check what you already have in the fridge and pantry. 
  • Shop From a List – If you stick to your shopping list you’re less likely to buy excess. 
  • Eat Leftovers – Instead of throwing them out, pack leftovers for lunch or have a “Leftovers Night” once per week. 
  • Don’t Forget Ugly Food – Buying boxes of “ugly” food that was rejected from being sold saves you money and prevents food waste. But don’t forget ugly food at home – if a fruit or vegetable is going bad, consider cutting off the bad spot and eating or freezing it ASAP instead of throwing it out. 
  • Peels are Perfect – Either stop peeling your vegetables and thoroughly wash them instead, or use the peels to make veggie chips or vegetable stock.
  • Eat the Entire Vegetable – Carrot tops, celery leaves, and parsley stems are all nutritious parts of the vegetable, so consider finding recipes to get creative with. Consider using your scraps to make a stock as well.
  • FIFO Your Fridge – FIFO means “first in, first out,” so rotate the food in your fridge and pantry so that the newest items are in the back and oldest in the front.
  • Donate Extra – If you’ve got too many cans of soup or boxes of cereal, consider donating them before they go bad, either to shelters, community fridges, or using food donation apps. You can also drop them off at Melly’s garage!

These are just a few changes that have a big impact on the planet. If you’d like to find even more, check out the full list here