LUN Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Safety Committee Announces Safer Roundabout At Yosemite & Lowry Blvd.

The LUN Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Safety committee has been working with Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) to increase the safety of the Yosemite/Lowry Boulevard roundabout.  The changes designed by DOTI were installed in June 2022. These changes will make it safer to enter and exit the roundabout.  Please review the detail below from Denver DOTI.  Remember if you are exiting the roundabout at the first exit, then use the outside/right lane.  If you are going straight through, or taking the 3rd exit,  use the left/inside lane as you enter the roundabout, and then you can exit from that lane at any time without the need to get back in the right lane. The speed limit remains at 15 mph.

This illustration from DOTI makes the new rules easy to understand: