Denver International Airport’s Meet and Assist Program

Denver International Airport (DEN) prides themselves on customer service and if offering the following services in their Meet and Assist Program:

Departure Assistance (International and Domestic Flights)

  • Concierge greeting of guest(s) at designated point of arrival at DEN
  • Assistance with airline check-in as needed
  • Expedited security screening (when possible)
  • Escort to departure gate

Note: Time permitting, when departing from Concourse B, complimentary access to the DEN Concierge Lounge will be available.

Arrival Assistance (Domestic Flights Only)

  • Concierge greeting of guest(s) at arrival gate
  • Escort from arrival gate to baggage claim
  • Assistance with luggage retrieval
  • Escort to ground transportation, if needed

Connecting Assistance

  • Concierge greeting of guest(s) at arrival gate
  • Escort directly to gate
  • Assistance during any flight cancellations or delays

If you require assistance navigating the airport, or airlines, or need help with your baggage take advantage of this program by heading to the request form here!