Lowry has 83% Decrease in Aggravated Assaults Involving a Firearm

Lowry is one of the few neighborhoods in the City of Denver that has experienced a decrease in Aggravated Assaults involving a Firearm according to the Denver Police Department. In fact, Lowry had the largest decrease in Aggravated Assault Involving a Firearm throughout the entire city for 2021 with an 83% decrease.

District 3 Lowry Firearm Offenses and Calls January 2021 through February 2022 data provided in this report is compiled from Denver Police Department Records. The report summarizes the reported Aggravated Assaults involving a Firearm and shots fired calls in the Lowry Neighborhood based on recent aggravated assaults involving a firearm, volume and frequency of reported shots fired, and geographical area and jurisdictional boundaries.