Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer sponsors Gun Buyback Program

The following are dates and locations where Denver residents can participate in the gun buy-back program, which is being sponsored by Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer in partnership with Aurora Councilman Curtis Gardner and the non-profit organization, RAWtools, which purchases guns from owners using gift cards, then the metal is melted to use for gardening tools and jewelry.

•Kick-off event–March 19th – Empower Field at Mile High Stadium kickoff event with the Denver Broncos

•June 11th – Aurora – National Gun Buyback Day event with the Denver Broncos

•July 16th – Denver, Park Hill Golf Course

•August 20th – Aurora, Living Water Christian Center

•September 17th – Denver, New Life Christian Church

•October 15th – Aurora, Colorado Community Church

Residents can anonymously turn in firearms for destruction at these voluntary events. Trained volunteers then destroy recovered firearms to ATF standards and convert them into garden tools and jewelry. While we know that individuals participating in criminal activity will not typically turn in their firearms at a buyback event, working to reduce the number of available guns in our communities is part of an overall strategy to address gun violence. The first two events brought in more than 300 firearms.

Email Councilwoman Sawyer’s office at if you would like to volunteer!

Visa Gift Card compensation rates for firearms:
$50 for single shot/non-semiautomatic rifles, including double barrel shotguns
$150 for handguns and semiautomatic rifles
$250 for assault style rifles, to be determined on site by RAWtools
The following will be disabled upon request, but not compensated:
BB guns, Airsoft, Homemade guns, ghost guns
Ammunition will not be accepted. Unwanted gun cases, safes, and locks will be accepted. Locks and safes
will be redistributed to the public at a later date.