Winter Watering Tips from Denver Water

  • Winter Watering: Colorado State Extension Office Factsheet can be found here. Watering focus should be on trees and shrubs, as well as newly planted materials.
  • Denver Water’s reservoir storage is average for this time of year, at 84% full. See our Water Watch report  for more information.
  • Help Paying Water Bills – Low Income Household Water Assistance Program
  • Stimulus from the federal government to assist qualifying, low-income households with their water services. LIHWAP was created to provide a benefit to qualifying household to help reconnect their disconnected drinking water or waste/sewer services or help the household if facing disconnection with their drinking water and waste/sewer services, or if they have a past due amount with their drinking water and waste/sewer services. Funds are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. Go to the website above for more information on how to qualify.