Would You Like to Make New Friends with Common Interests?

LUN is forming new social groups.

LUN would like to help you in forming new social groups, where you can enjoy new and old friends doing things you like to do. Join a weekly coffee group, or a book or movie club. If you like to exercise and maybe learn a new sport, join a pickleball group, at the Montclair rec center. Same with golf or tennis. Social groups can help to form long-term strong friendships with neighbors you probably would not have even met. 

A good example of neighborhoods that have implemented social groups is the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood. The neighborhood associated started to form social groups over 10 years ago. They currently have over 15 different types of groups including multiple book clubs, hiking and dog walking, golf groups even tapa parties. We have belonged to a movie group for several years and they have become some of our strongest friends even after we moved from Cherry Creek to Lowry.   

Want to know your neighbors on your block better?  The Block Builder program may be for you. Organize your block with a block leader, share contact information, and put on a block party with brats and beer.  Many blocks have both summer and holiday block parties. It strengthens your block, makes new friends, and improves the overall safety when everyone knows each other. 

How do we 

make this happen?  Let LUN know of some activity that you are interested in like a book club or coffee group or anything else and we will help to promote it and when we have enough people interested in joining help you launch it off the ground with a group leader to get it started. 

Contact Denny Head at dehead1@comcast.net and he will put you on a list with others interested in the same type of group, help facilitate the group to meet and get started.  Try it you will like it.

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