Meet Ridwell, the new service making it easy to sustainably reuse and recycle your stuff.

Wasting less made easy. Ridwell showed up in Denver this summer and in three months has signed up 700 Denverites who pay between $12 and $16 a month to recycle items that cannot be recycled through they city’s curbside recycle service.

Ridwell  make it easy to sustainably reuse and recycle your stuff. They pick up your stuff at your front door and make sure it gets sustainably reused or recycled. You know your stuff stays out of the landfill. They provide bags to store your batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, and clothes. These are the core categories. There are special pickups for other categories as well. Together, Ridwell members save tons from the landfill every year to support our community, keep our oceans clean and build a brighter future.

Ridwell, founded in Seattle, serves more than 35,000 people in 40 cities in the Pacific Northwest has diverted more than 2 million pounds of waste from landfills. We are lucky to have them now in Denver.

To learn more about the organization building a less wasteful future: