LCMA Issues New Lawn Sign Policy Effective Immediately

Notice: The following restrictions shall apply to all open fires and the use of fireworks. The restrictions will be in effect through July 31, 2016, or until conditions improve.

Lowry Yard Sign Rules:

Each unit may have TWO Yard Signs;
Each unit may also have ONE Yard Sign per candidate and/or ballot issue per election cycle, for a maximum of 45 days before any primary election through 7 days after the general election or the completion of a runoff election.No signs shall be posted or attached to trees, public utility improvements, lighting poles or fixtures, traffic signs, or traffic control devices or on LCMA owned or maintained property.No signs shall be posted, placed or erected within public rights-of-way and thoroughfares, including tree lawns (the area between the sidewalk and curb).The maximum allowable Yard Sign size is 6 square feet. The bottom edge of Yard Signs may not be more than 2 feet above grade. All Yard Signs must be kept in good condition free from tears, shredding, warping, and rust. Spotlit and illuminated Yard Signs are not permitted. Yard Signs shall not be animated, and shall not flash, blink, or fluctuate.