Take Aways from the April Traffic Town Hall Meeting

May 6, 2024 / Comments Off on Take Aways from the April Traffic Town Hall Meeting

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LUN hosted a traffic town hall meeting on April 16 at the Eisenhower Chapel that featured three speakers talking about traffic in Lowry.  Molly Lanphier, of the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), spoke about how DOTI is set up and educated the group about some traffic-calming methods. She also shared the news that DOTI will install a rapid flashing beacon on Fairmount at the Sports Park Blvd. crossing to make it easier for pedestrians to cross.  A flashing beacon is planned for Quebec at 4th for a safer crossing to the school. The restriping of Lowry Blvd. roundabouts to make all three roundabouts consistent is on the priority list for the next bond from Councilwoman Sawyer’s office. The city is doing a study in northwest Denver to determine if speed bumps can perhaps be used in the city in the future. The crossing at 2nd and Roslyn will be done as part of a curb ramp project in 2027 and the streets in Lowry are scheduled to be repaved in 2028. It was explained that the cost for a new traffic signal is $1.5 million and the city can only afford to place about eight in one year.

Councilwoman Sawyer’s aide, Nicole Aviles, reported and recommended improvements to Uinta Way resulting from the District 5 traffic study, will likely be part of the 2026 bond funding project. The councilwoman is pushing to make that happen.

Officer Troy Sandoval and Officer VonFeldt of District 3 Denver Police Department talked about the significant decrease in street racing along Yosemite and Lowry Blvd. that has occurred because of the barricade that was placed at Sports Park Blvd. at Yosemite by the Department of Parks and Recreation. If you hear or see street racing near your home, please go to reportstreetracing.com and report it. 

In addition to reporting street racing, there are several things we can do as individuals to help with our Lowry traffic concerns. If you have speeding happening in your neighborhood, you can go to the denvergov.org website and search for photo radar enforcement. The photo speed vans are deployed on residential streets with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less, on streets bordering parks with any posted speed limit, and in safety zones, which include school zones and work zones throughout the City and County of Denver. If the photo radar van catches more than a certain percentage of speeding vehicles, then the DPD will send out a motorcycle cop to ticket speeders. The email address to request the photo radar van is dpdpeu@denvergov.org.

Please remember to call 311 to report things like signs that have been knocked down, leaking sprinklers, potholes needing repair, abandoned cars on city streets, etc.  You may also go to denvergov.org and go to bottom of page to get to 311 to report an issue.

All the presenters were clear. Reporting incidents and situations of concern helps get results. Your reports combined with your neighbors reports help create a data base. If you report something and nothing happens, report it again, Have your neighbors report it. Numbers matter.

Questionnaires and a map were available for attendees to fill out to identify areas of concern, and these will be compiled and a summary made and the LUN Traffic and Safety Committee will continue to work with Denver DOTI to try to get the safety problems solved.  Molly’s slide presentation is available upon request. Please email us at connect@lowryunitedneighborhoods.org.