Lowry Parks: City & County of Denver, LCMA & BOCA

As of February 5, 2024, Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) put a temporary pause on accepting park permit applications for public events (including Race/Walks), special occasions (private events), and tournaments.

Within Lowry, there are five City & County of Denver parks, five Lowry Community Master Association (LCMA)-owned parks and three Boulevard One Master Association (BOCA)-owned parks. LCMA members may use Lowry parks for gatherings of 50 or fewer people. A Park Use Permit is required for gatherings of over 15; find the Park Use Permit here. Approved gatherings are posted on the Event Calendar, so check there to make sure your desired park is available. Please check in with community manager Desiree Wingo regarding usage of BOCA Parks. Email Desiree

City of Denver parks within Lowry that are NOT currently issuing permits:
Bayaud Park (Bayaud & Rosemary)
Crescent Park (8th & Roslyn)
Jackie Robinson Fields Park (between Lowry Blvd and Sports Blvd)
Lowry Sports Park (between Lowry Blvd and Sports Blvd)
Ulaanbaatar Park (5th & Syracuse)

LCMA parks that are available to members:
Liberator Park (9th & Roslyn Ct.)
Mustang Park (9th & Spruce)
Roslyn Park (Roslyn & 6th Place)
Sunset Park (2nd & Pontiac)
Tailwind Park (Alton Way & 4th Place & 5th Ave)

BOCA Parks:
Community Park (Lowry Blvd. & Oneida Court)
Linear Park (between Niagara St. & Oneida Court)
Picking Garden (Archer St.)

The City & Country of Denver advises checking back with them after April 1 for updated information on DPR park permits.