Block Builders Comes to Lowry


In late February, nearly 30 neighbors met at Senior Planet to learn about the LUN Block Builders program. We now have 14 neighborhoods/blocks organized into the Lowry Block Builder Program.

Each block has a Block Captain who contacts neighbors to exchange contact information shared exclusively within the neighborhood group. The captain also helps to organize neighborhood social activities during the year so that neighbors can get to know their neighbors in a social setting like a block or holiday party.

LUN Block Builders Invitation: 

Would you like to get to know your neighbors better, build a safer and more engaged community, and participate with them in social functions like block or holiday parties? LUN (Lowry United Neighborhoods) has launched a new program in Lowry called Block Builders. This program encourages neighbors to exchange contact information, look out for each other, and build a robust and connected community through social functions. 

Block Builders creates a sense of community and encourages neighbors to work together to foster safety, make connections, and promote healthier, more engaged neighborhoods. Whether it’s a block or holiday party or just checking in on each other’s well-being, the Block Builder program connects the residents of a block, building, or an HOA. It helps promote a stronger sense of connectedness in the neighborhood. It’s free and easy to sign up—all you need to do is fill out a quick form to indicate your level of interest and provide contact information that will be shared only with your neighbors.

To register with LUN’s Block Builder program, link to

When this happens, our wonderful Lowry neighborhood transforms into a community where we enjoy greater safety, a better quality of life, increased friendship, and meaningful involvement.

 Block-Builder Objectives:

 • Help build a sense of community in your block by getting to know your neighbors. 

• Sharing communication on essential issues to and from the neighborhood, your neighbors on the block, and LUN. 

• Providing additional security by looking out for your neighbors. 

What do block members do? 

  1. Exchange information with your neighbors with names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. This contact information is exclusive to the members and is not shared with anyone, including LUN
  2. Get to know your neighbors and introduce yourself if you do not know them. 
  3. Help improve your block security. Watch out for your neighbors. 
  4. Participate if your block organizes block parties or functions.
  5. Provide communications and feedback on issues important to the neighborhood or your block.
  6. If you are not a member of the LUN, please join us.