LUN Townhall Meeting: What You Need to Know About Crime & Safety in Lowry

On Tuesday, January 23, Approximately 190 people attended this LUN Town Hall Meeting to hear DPD Chief Ron Thomas; District 3 Commander, Joel Bell; Denver District Attorney, Beth McCann; and Director of Prosecution, Denver City Attorney, Marley Bordovsky discussed trends in crime and measures we can take to be safer in Lowry and throughout Denver.  

Prior to the meeting, the police department provided statistics for reported crime in 2022 compared to 2023. You can see their report below and also download the file.

What You Need to know About Crime & Safety in Lowry

Denver Chief of Police, Ron Thomas
DPD District 3 Commander, Joel Bell
District Attorney, Beth McCann
City Attorney’s Office, Director of Prosecution, Marley Bordovsky

The meeting was be facilitated by journalist and Lowry neighbor, Todd Neff.

The discussion included:

Is crime on the rise in Denver?
What happens when a crime is reported?
How do the departments work together to bring justice?
What is your responsibility as a Lowry resident?
How can we build a safer community?