The Hanger Club Is Now Open

The Lowry Foundation has just announced that one of their corporate sponsors, Hangar Club, is open in the newly remodeled hangar on 1st Place between Rampart and Spruce Ways (just behind Hangar 2).

About the Hangar Club

Hangar Club is Denver’s premier indoor golf entertainment social club in the historic Lowry neighborhood, 7600 E. 1st Place (entrance at Red Cross Way). You can play on iconic golf courses on one of the 10 TrackMan simulators. A golf simulator so real, you’ll think you’re there.

About the Building

Reusing this beautiful building is another example of the success of the Lowry Air Force Base transformation into an award-winning neighborhood! Located in the heart of the former Lowry Air Force Base (originally Lowry Field), the 22,000-square-foot repurposed hangar-like structure was built in 1942 and features vast amounts of natural light and open space due to its eight expansive steel beams and large windows used in the building’s original construction. Previously referred to as Building #376 (Armament Annex) and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002, the building originally functioned as part of the armament school for the U.S. Army Air Corps and later the U.S. Air Force, the only of its kind in the western United States. It trained thousands of armorers and bombardiers during World War II and the Korean War, including training on the Sperry bombsight and the top secret Norden bombsight, a key technology for winning the war (source: