Suggestions to Prevent Thefts from Common Garages in Buildings

Contact Neighborhood Watch at, and they will work with Denver Police Department (DPD) to send someone to your complex to review premises with the HOA Board and residents and suggest safety solutions.

Some suggested solutions:
• Put flood lights outside entryways to garage and building doors. Complete regular checks to assure lighting is functioning.
• Remove or cut back shrubbery near building access areas to eliminate hiding spots.
• Decrease garage door open time to 10 seconds.
• Both when entering or departing the garage, residents should remain in front of doors until they shut. This reduces chance someone will enter if they feel they are being observed.
• Reprogram remotes after a break in incident, or on a regularly scheduled basis.
• Secure interior garage door release ropes to prevent access from outside. This is a good practice for private garages also.
• If an unauthorized person is seen, confrontation should be taken with care. A suggestion is to push the alarm button on your keys to activate your car horn, which could scare them away.
• Look for tampering at pedestrian doorways, especially is someone new is seen lingering at doorways. Robbers are known to place tape on metal doors to keep the latch open to gain entrance later.
• Exterior pedestrian doors should have metal safety plates installed that extend from the top of the door to the bottom.   
• Consider “shatter resistant film” on main entry glass doors and windows.
• Although many residents may have indoor cameras that record their parking spot, these seldom do much good after the crime has happened.
• When practicable, avoid storing valuables in garage storage bins. When used, encourage use of fortified safety locks on storage bins.
• Utilize a club (preferably the yellow model) on steering wheels. These can be even more useful when parking around the city. (Disclaimer – no lock should be considered 100% secure.)
• Signs can be added on property – Private Property, Violators will be Prosecuted, depending on the HOA governing documents.
o Check with DPD on paperwork that may be needed on file at complex.
• Call 911 if a crime is in progress. After any criminal activity, file online reports with the city.

In general, the responsibility for common garage surveillance and safety prevention costs are the responsibility of the building HOA, not the master neighborhood association such as LCMA or BOCA.