DPD Offers DenverTrack Program to Help Prevent Auto Theft

Responding to a well-documented need, the Denver Police Department (DPD) implemented a new program as an auto theft deterrent.  DenverTrack employs a cooperative effort that places responsibility for stolen auto recovery on both victims and DPD.

DenverTrack requires participating auto owners to register with DPD.  That registration triggers the release of two decals to the registrant, to be placed on the vehicle to alert potential thieves that the vehicle is DPD-protected.  If an owner’s vehicle is GPS factory-equipped, the owner must subscribe to a GPS tracking program at personal expense.  If not so equipped, the owner must purchase an after market tracking device and subscribe to a tracking program, again at personal expense. If the latter applies, the owner would then hide the tracking device somewhere in or on the vehicle.  If the car is stolen, the owner would track its location, using the subscription GPS tracking application. When tracking shows the car has stopped, the owner would contact DPD for prompt action to recover the car.

Victims should report to DPD as soon as vehicle theft is known, even if they cannot pinpoint vehicle location at that time. When the victim’s tracking application shows the car is stopped, DPD should again be contacted and provided with the vehicle’s location.  DPD will respond in an effort to gain control of the vehicle. Upon taking vehicle control, a DPD officer will complete a report and release the vehicle to the owner for towing or drivability, as applicable.

Vehicle owners can visit www.denvergov.org/DenverTrack to register their vehicle and learn more about the program and additional auto theft prevention tips. Once the vehicle is registered online, DPD will mail DenverTrack stickers to owners to place on their vehicle’s windows to deter potential thieves from stealing their car. 

The DenverTrack program works with any vehicle with an installed tracking device, including factory-installed or after-market devices, and GPS and Bluetooth tracking devices to track stolen vehicles in real time. Please visit webpage for more information or reach out to our Community Resource Officers with questions.

Additional information can be obtained on line at denvergov.org/denvertrack.