LUN Launches Block Builders 

March 4, 2023 / Comments (0)


Are you interested in becoming a Block Builder in Lowry? By participating in this program, you could get to know and engage with your neighbors on a regular basis. You would have the unique opportunity to build a stronger and more secure neighborhood through events and activities. By doing so, you will build a strong social foundation and put into place effective strategies for monitoring and responding to potential crime. Together we can create a safer and more connected neighborhood block by block. So join us today and help to build a safer Lowry!

LUN is launching a new program in Lowry called Block Builders where neighbors exchange contact information, look out for each other, and build a strong neighborhood through social functions.  The program. Is designed to be built around your local sub HOA, or in some parts of Lowry, by your individual city block. 

1. Block builders help to increase their residents’ sense of safety and security by connecting with neighbors who watch out for each other. This is the basic concept of the Denver Police Neighborhood Watch the perception of crime is a significant concern with many Lowry residents. 

2. Block Builders strengthens the sense of real community only achieved by neighbors knowing their fellow neighbors, being engaged in neighborhood social activities, and making your neighborhood a valued place to live across all segments of the community. This translates into increasing it as a more desirable place to live which ultimately positively impacts the property values.

3. The workload for the Block Builder, or HOA leadership, is minimal; their primary role is to utilize the HOA email list to communicate to its residents about the program. The launch activities will be supported by LUN with materials, communications content, and future kickoff meetings. The actual ongoing leadership for the Block Builder program is led by volunteer block leaders within your sub HOA or block.

4. For those not in an HOA but would like to organize your block, we have some suggestions on the best way to collect and communicate the program to your neighbors.

If you are interested in helping to set up a block builder program in your sub HOA, or on your block, please contact Denny Head