Deana Miller – New Lowry Foundation Executive Director

    Deana Miller Named as Lowry Foundation Executive Director The Lowry Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Deana Miller will take over as the organization’s new Executive Director on September 19.   When Deana assumes the position, she will support the Board of Directors in creating a series of community activities in 2023 to celebrate The Lowry Foundation’s 25th anniversary. With Deana’s help, the Board will also bring together community groups serving Lowry to cross-pollinate ideas, uncover points of collaboration, support mutually beneficial efforts, and create opportunities for innovation. To learn more about Deana, please visit the News section of our website,   The Lowry Foundation will enjoy Miller’s established ties in Lowry, where she has lived with her family of five since 2017. Originally from Boulder, she moved to Denver in 1992 to attend the University of Colorado Denver, where she received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in 1996 and a Master’s in Public Administration in 2009.   Miller offers The Lowry Foundation and the community it serves a diverse set of skills, from business administration to community building and event planning to public art and streetscape project management. Her background includes working for over 20 years in the Creative Industries, where she served in leadership positions in arts-centric businesses, non-profits, and public sector agencies. With a long history of producing creative solutions for communities across Colorado, she has a passion for bringing people together and facilitating decision-making to strengthen and vitalize communities.   You can stop by to say hello to Deana at the Foundation’s office Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. in the historic Eisenhower Chapel, 293 Rosyln Street, Denver.             Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest Lowry Foundation news, events, and Lowry Happenings!       VISIT THE LOWRY FOUNDATION WEBSITE     FOLLOW US EVERYWHERE!!