How to Discourage Crime Around Your Home

The Lowry United Neighborhoods Safer Neighborhoods Committee has been hard at work collaborating with Denver Police to come up with some good and practical ideas for discouraging crime.

Suggestions for Discouraging Crime

  • Add spikes to the top of your fences
  • Add locks on all fence gates
  • Always keep exterior lights on at night
  • Install motion lights at all major points of entry (alley, side yard, at fence gates, etc.)
  • Add a 24-hour surveillance sign near the back gate or alley
  • Add a home security sign at the front entrance (could also put at the garage)
  • Always keep windows locked, especially at night
  • Keep garages closed
  • Keep cars locked, remove valuable from car, and put in garage if possible
  • Always keep alarm on, especially at night even if you are still up
  • Install window well grates and keep them locked
  • Add door jamb/guard support or reinforcer to main doors
  • Add door reinforcement lock to main doors
  • Garage door monitor
  • Turn on the chime notification on your alarm system so it alerts you of doors or windows that are opened even if alarm is off
  • Install/activate an alarm system (if you don’t have one already)
  • Install security cameras (if you don’t already have them)
  • Get to know your neighbors, and join or learn more about Neighborhood Watch
    • If interested in this program, RSVP to

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