Reduce Crime On Your Block With Neighborhood Watch

Community participation and eyes are the greatest assets to discouraging crime. 
Here are four opportunities available this month. 

  1. Virtual Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness Training, Tuesday, Feb. 8, 6 p.m.
    Denver Police District 3’s Neighborhood Watch program encourage a partnership between Officers and the Residents they serve.  Officers promote Neighborhood Connectivity by encouraging Neighbors to get to know one another and teaching residents how to effectively observe and report suspicious behavior.  This program creates awareness through Implicit Bias education – reminding neighbors – it’s the person’s behavior, not the person to be mindful of when observing and reporting suspicious behavior to the Police. RSVP to receive a link to participate in this presentation please email District 3 Neighborhood Watch
  2. Virtual Block Communicator Orientation, Thursday, Feb. 17, 6 p.m. 
    Becoming a Block Communicator or point of contact for your community is simple and takes minimal time.  This presentation is for those who have already attended a Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness Presentation by District 3 Officers. This orientation will cover the first steps in becoming the Neighborhood Watch point of contact for your block. We will share ideas on how you can introduce yourself and Neighborhood Watch to your neighbors and ideas to communicate Neighborhood Watch information with your neighbors.  Learn how to research crime stats in your area, search for sex offenders in your neighborhood, and request traffic monitoring/enforcement. Please RSVP to to receive the link for this event.
  3.  Virtual Crime Prevention with Intention – Strategies from the Outside In
    Tuesday, Feb. 22, 6 p.m 
    This is a new, interactive presentation taught by our Community Resource Officers to help you and your neighbors strategize on how to best prevent crimes of opportunity and build a safer area immediately surrounding your home. This program is intended for those who have already attended a Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness Training and is meant to complement and add to our robust Neighborhood Watch Action and Awareness Training and will discuss ideas about fencing, lighting, landscaping, and more!  While the content of this presentation is vast, it’s been condensed into a 1-hour presentation.  To RSVP to receive a link to participate in this presentation email  
  4. Reverse 911 – register your cell phone to participate. And Smart911 is a private, secure service that allows you to create a safety profile that provides 911 and emergency responders with important information you want them to know about yourself, your family members and pets, your home, and your vehicles in any kind of emergency. The information you provide automatically displays on the 911 call taker’s screen when an emergency call is placed from a phone number connected to your profile. These details can save seconds or even minutes during an emergency. The importance of this was evident in the Boulder County fire. 
    Sign up for Reverse 911 using this link to receive alerts by providing your contact and location information. You can choose to be notified via voice call, text message or email and can provide multiple locations. Once you opt into notifications, the system will send alerts based on the location information you have provided. You can update your location and contact information using the alert management dashboard. To sign up for Smart 911, click here.

    NOTE: Reverse 911 and Smart911 are separate from one another so to participate in both you must register with each tool individually.