Traffic, Pedestrian & Bike Safety Study To Be Launched For 6TH Avenue

City Council District 5, Fehr & Peers, the Denver Dept of Transportation & Infrastructure and neighborhood associations directly adjacent to the study area are launching a 6th Avenue traffic study this winter. The study will include 6th Avenue from Colorado Blvd. to Quebec St.  This will be a community-led process including a community survey, several online community meetings, data collection and results, and implementation over the next several fiscal years.  The goal of the study will be to determine where traffic calming measures and safe crossings might be installed along 6th Avenue to help create a safer, more pedestrian and bike friendly environment for our neighborhoods.  Councilwoman Sawyer’s office will facilitate an initial stakeholder group meeting Tuesday, January 11th from 3:30-4:30 pm via zoom. Please RSVP if you would like to participate in the stakeholder group and they will send you the meeting invite. The zoom link is (Meeting ID: 820 4829 4062; Passcode: 5555). 

If you are unable to attend the initial meeting, they will send minutes as well. A similar process for 8th Avenue was launched by Councilwoman Sawyer’s office in 2021.  The study identified intersections where accidents had occurred, where pedestrian and bike crossings are challenging and where there is an issue of traffic stacking. It also examined sidewalk conditions.  On October 19, 2021, the results of the study and on November 16, the study recommendations were presented at virtual town halls.  The recordings of those meetings are available for viewing on Councilwoman Sawyer’s Facebook page.