Solar Equity Rebate Pilot Program

December 10, 2021 / Comments (0)


Opportunity for Denver Homes and Businesses to Go Solar

With our bright sunshine, Denver has excellent solar resources! Going solar is more affordable than ever, being a great way to save money on your energy bills, reduce air pollution, and help Denver’s climate goals. The Denver Solar Co-op is made up of residents and business owners who want to enjoy a streamlined process of going solar and save money by going together as a group. The solar co-op is free to join with no obligation to install; and will include battery and EV charging options for its members! 2021 is the last year to claim a 22% federal solar tax credit, now is the last chance to take advantage of it!

If you do not own your home, don’t have a well-suited location or don’t want solar on your property, can take advantage of the Renewable Denver Community Solar Program. Starting in 2021, this program will support up to 1,000 households in which participating, income-qualified residents will save 10 percent or more on their monthly electric bills.

Making money-saving energy improvements like going solar can be daunting. What if the process of going solar was made easier and you could save money by going solar together with your neighbors? This buying in bulk is the Denver Solar Co-op, which is free to join with no obligation to go solar. You can simply find out what going solar means for you. Yet, we know this still isn’t enough for many families in need.

The Solar Equity Rebate Pilot Program helps address the significant barriers of accessibility for low-to-moderate income households. Those who meet income eligibility requirements can qualify for a $3,000 solar and $2,000 battery storage rebate. Residents interested in additional cost savings can be connected to non-profit programs that can support income-qualified energy efficiency with the Denver Office of Nonprofit Engagement (D-ONE).

The Denver Solar Co-op is now open for free member sign-ups! 

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