Traffic Safety Improvements to Lowry

June 10. 2021

The LUN Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Traffic Safety Committee surveyed people at the LUN Town Hall meeting back in January 2020 and came up with a list of priority concerns for pedestrian, bike and traffic safety in Lowry.  Our committee partnered (and continues to partner) with the City of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) and we have had some successes.

DOTI installed a “No Right Turn on Red” sign at the intersection of Quebec and 6th Avenue for eastbound to southbound traffic.  This is a safety improvement that our committee encouraged DOTI to do.  Also, Denver has added the “All Way Stop” to the fairly new stop signs on 1st at Newport Street and Pontiac Street and crosswalks were painted on the pavement.  A third success is the installation of the painted crosswalks at Fairmont and Bayaud/Sports Park Boulevard.  

DOTI is aware of the need for a pedestrian crossing east of Safeway at 2nd Avenue and Roslyn Street.  This was a high priority from our January 2020 survey. The DOTI teams cannot install a crosswalk until ADA ramps are installed.  Civil work to install ADA ramps is typically done in batches at a time by a contracted crew, and as of February 2021, DOTI had not been notified that this location is in the list of upcoming installs.  Until that civil work (which will include utility relocations) is completed DOTI will not be installing the crosswalk.  

DOTI will take more traffic counts at the intersection of 6th Avenue and Quebec Street to see if a left- turn arrow is warranted for the 6th to Quebec movement in both directions.  Analysis of potential new left- turn signals are conducted by a consultant in batches each year.  6th and Quebec is on the list for the batch to be assessed this year.  The consultant usually does site assessments in the spring and then they get back results and start installs of locations that qualify in the summer. 

A pedestrian crossing on south Yosemite Way near 4th or 5th is needed.  DOTI performed the pedestrian counts in February 2021 and there were not enough pedestrian crossings to warrant an enhancement such as a flashing beacon or painted crosswalks.  Counts will be redone in about 2 years.  DOTI has installed pedestrian crossing sings at 4th Avenue on Yosemite Way.

Another improvement by DOTI, in the Yosemite area is the addition of the black and white arrow panel for the northwest bound traffic at the Yosemite Way and Dayton Street roundabout.  This will make the roundabout more visible at night. 

We encourage residents to call 311 or go to the 311 website at  The City tracks these calls and comments in a data base and this information helps them prioritize concerns and may help the concern become a project.  

If you have a specific concern in Lowry, please contact

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