LUN’s New Safer Neighborhoods Committee

In 2021, LUN has formed a new Crime Safety Committee in response to our questionnaire last summer in which many Lowry Residents expressed concerns over crime.  While the committee is still trying to best determine our overreaching goal and methods of communication, we have already encouraged participation with Denver Police District 3 in their Neighborhood Watch Program.  By the end of the month, at least 7 official Neighborhood Watch blocks will have been set up in Lowry.

It is important to remember that most crime is Denver is a result of opportunity. 

Here are some general guidelines to prevent crimes of opportunity.

Home Safety 

  • Keep your doors and windows locked. 
  • Never let anyone know you are home alone. 
  • Make sure your house numbers are visible for police or fire response. 
  • Keep your shrubs trimmed below your windows. 
  • Install a motion sensor to light up your driveway and doorways. 

Vehicle Theft 

  • Always lock your car and roll up your windows. 
  • Remove valuables from your car, even when you are parked in front of your home. 
  • Park in a well lit, highly visible area. 

Register Your Bike 

  • Register your bike online to assist with recovery of your bike should it get lost or stolen and this can also assist in the successful identification of injured cyclists. You can register at

Stolen cars are one of the crimes that have increased most in the last year.  If you have one of the cars listed below, it would be good to put it in a garage, a well-lit area, or secure it with a “Club”.  The District 3 Police Station at University and I-25 often has “Clubs” available.  Our committee is also looking for local merchants that may provide a discount for Lowry Residents.

Below is a list of the Top Ten Vehicles Stolen in the Denver Metro Area in 2020.  Notice that most of these are older models that are easier to break into and/or hot wire.

    Make/Model               # Stolen       Year of Car

1  Chevrolet Silverado    1145           1999-2007

2  Honda Civic                  956             1995-2000

3  Honda Accord              924             1992-1997

4  Ford F-250                    923             1999-2006

5  GMC Sierra                   602             1999-2007

6  Ford F-150                    561             1995, 1997- 98,

                                                                2011-14, 19

 7  Ford F-350                   525             1999-2006

8  Ram 1500                    493              1998-2005, 2019

9  Hyundai Sonata          460               2011-2017

10 Honda CR-V                413               1997-2001

For all emergencies call 911 and for non-emergency call 720-913-2000.