Waste No More Denver Makes the 2022 Ballot

With a total of just under 11,000 validated signatures, Denver Elections announced that Waste No More Denver has made the 2022 ballot.

This initiative is about providing recycling and composting for everyone in Denver. Currently, the city doesn’t require apartment complexes with eight or more units to provide either service to residents. To cut costs, many apartment property managers choose to only provide trash service, leaving residents feeling disempowered or forced to drive their recyclables to a drop-off facility or seek out a private composting service.

Waste No More, a grassroots, citizen-led ballot initiative within the City of Denver, aims to make recycling and commercial composting mandatory for all apartments, condos, and businesses. It would also require all construction and demolition waste to be properly disposed of and it would require recycling and composting to be at all permitted events.

To learn more, check out this short film.