The Best Time To Add Compost: Fall

Our hot summer months are passing and your soil needs restoring before winter sets in. With the cool air in the mornings and leaves starting to change color, now is the time to plan your compost application to your garden, around trees and in flower beds, and to your turf.  Put millions of beneficial microbes to work over the winter months and enjoy an early green-up in the spring. Compost adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil, helps balance the pH, makes soils more airy and drain better.  Did you know compost can hold 5-20x its own weight in water? Adding compost will increase your soil’s ability to retain water, allowing for less watering.

Click here for an annual compost use calendar.

Let’s Recycle those Organics and Restore Our Soils!

A1 Organics is proud to be the Organic Recycling Solution for a Sustainable Colorado. The food scraps and organic material you put into your City of Denver green compost bin (and Scraps compost bins) are taken up to A1 Organics in Keenesburg and turned into compost. A1 Organics then bags the compost and makes them available for sale exclusively at ACE hardware.