Simple Tips to Drive More Sustainably

April 21, 2023 / Comments (0)


Although biking or taking public transportation is more eco-friendly than driving, it’s just not possible for many people. If you need a car to get around, here are a few ways to drive more sustainably

  • Switch to a More Eco-Friendly Vehicle: Cars are responsible for around 50% of the US’s total emissions, so it’s important to consider making a sustainable change. When it’s time to replace your current car, opt for a low-emission or electric vehicle to reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Pay Attention to its Weight: Keep your car clutter-free to reduce weight and fuel consumption. Even if you have a smaller car, if it’s stuffed full, it might not be as eco-friendly as you think. 
  • Practice Anticipatory Driving: Anticipatory driving reduces fuel consumption, increases safety, and decreases your carbon footprint overall, so practice thinking ahead and identifying any hazards that could arise during your drive. 

Trying any of these tips, although seemingly small, will make a big difference.