DPD’s Outreach Case Coordinator Program

At the Denver Police District 3 Community Advisory Board April meeting in April, two guest speakers were on hand to educate the public about the Outreach Case Coordinator Program – Outreach Case Supervisor Mandy Fiegel and Outreach Case Coordinator Deon Rogers.

Denver Police Department (DPD) has created an Outreach Case Coordinator Program (OCC) to help those in need before their actions rise to the level of being involved in the criminal justice system. The program reduces the calls for service upon an already strained system, while helping people in our community. OCCs provide long-term connections to available services and supports. Clients can include community members who are experiencing substance misuse, behavioral health issues, at risk youth and students, persons experiencing homelessness, single parents, people living with a disability, English as a second language individuals and families, immigrants and refugees and anyone in need of help.

The role of the OCCs is to:

  • Build a bridge between the community and police department
  • Identify the needs of individuals and families and provide the assistance with resource referral and navigation
  • Follow up with clients to ensure client’s goals are being met
  • Provide assistance to those that would normally fall between the cracks of our support systems

To get in touch with an Outreach Case Coordinator in our District 3, call 720.913.1300.