Meeting Held to Discuss Existing Traffic Problems on Yosemite Way Corridor

A zoom meeting was held on December 2, 2021, with Dana Hoffman of Denver DOTI and East Park and other Lowry residents to discuss existing traffic issues on the Yosemite Way corridor.  Ms. Hoffman’s Toolbox Educational presentation included explanations of traffic calming treatments; pedestrian crossing treatments and warrants (issue must be identified, evaluated, solution ordered and is funding dependent); and more.  Neighbors lent their comments and suggestions for the existing problems of speeders on Yosemite Way, the need for a pedestrian crossing on Yosemite Way and concerns with the roundabout at Lowry Boulevard and Yosemite Way.

DOTI has begun to look into improving the operations of the Yosemite/Lowry Boulevard roundabout with changes to the signing and striping of the roundabout. For the pedestrian crossing, are hopeful that the City will approve the use of “latent use” criteria to be able to eventually install an improved crossing on Yosemite Way, somewhere between Lowry Blvd and 4th Place. The other positive outcome from this meeting is that a digital driver speed feedback sign will be placed at 4th & Yosemite Way. 

Reminder to residents to call 311 to report such things as specific existing traffic problems, downed signs, and street light outages.  In addition, citizens can go to Denver’s website at:  to request the photo radar van.